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Gig Buddies Volunteer Recruitment Campaign

Brighton Fringe is teaming up with Gig Buddies for Good Mental Health, an organisation set up to match adults experiencing Mental Health challenges with a volunteer who has similar interests, to go to events together that they both love.

Gig Buddies is designed for individuals with mild to moderate mental health needs, who are able to live fairly independent lives but need an extra bit of support to empower them to attend live events.

Brighton Fringe and Gig Buddies are looking to find volunteers of all ages, no matter their background, who can support adults to attend Brighton Fringe 2022. Training and support is provided, and all volunteers are police checked to ensure we are all thinking about the safety of the people we support.

Gig Buddies matches up participants and volunteers based on a common interest and taste. Gig buddy pairs then meet, plan what they’ll do together, and get together at least once a month to go to an event, whether that’s a gig, concert, club night, art gallery, or other cultural events.

Brighton Fringe will be offering Gig Buddies participants 2 for 1 tickets so that a volunteer can attend a show alongside them for free. All volunteers must be able to attend a training session, complete a DBS check, and commit to a minimum of 12 hours volunteering.

Marketing Coordinator for Charity Gig Buddies